October 2017 IMC Conference Agenda

Friday October 20th

7:00 am to Noon – Leadership Summit (Invitation Only)

IMC USA Leadership Summit (By Invitation Only)

Location:  TBD

Led by Angela Dingle, IMC USA Board Member

Volunteer Leaders play an important role in helping IMC USA fulfill its mission. Join us for this annual gathering where IMC USA Volunteer Leaders gather to share insights, discuss issues and build relationships. The Leadership Summit is a great way for you to:

  • Engage with the IMC USA National Board of Directors
  • Meet Chapter Presidents, Treasurers, and Membership Directors
  • Connect with other volunteer leaders
  • Discover how chapter leaders build community

This year’s summit will feature three 90-minute collaborative sessions focused on member engagement; practical tools, techniques and tactics for chapter management; and building a pipeline of prospective members and guest.  If you serve on an IMC USA Board, Chapter Board, National or Chapter Committee, mark your calendars and make plans to attend.

12:30 pm – Pre-Conference Four-Hour Workshop

Accelerating Your Growth from Top Line to Bottom Line

Location:  TBD

Henry DeVries & Mark LeBlanc

A four-hour pre-conference workshop

Free with conference admission ($149 if not attending IMC USA Conference)

  • “Getting the Money Right: Menus, Models, and Margins” and “The Nine Best Practices for Growing a Practice” by Mark LeBlanc, author of Growing Your Business and Never Be the Same, and past president of the National Speakers Association
  • “Persuading Prospects with a Well-Crafted Defining Story” and “The Secrets of Goldilocks Pricing for Consultants,” by Henry DeVries, CEO of Indie Books International, continuing education dean emeritus at the University of California San Diego, and author of Persuade with a Story! and How to Close a Deal Like Warren Buffett

Workshop Bonus: Everyone in attendance will receive a copy of Henry’s and Mark’s new book: Build Your Consulting Practice: How Successful Independent Consultants Grow their Business and Deliver Value to Clients. Based on research, the code has been cracked. There is a group of successful independent consultants who no longer struggle with the ups and downs of the revenue roller coaster. This book is a how-to guide that takes the mystery out of business development with pragmatic advice and case studies in three areas: money, focus, and marketing. Follow the nine best practices in this trio of activities and you will succeed.

3:30 pm – Registration Opens

5:30 pm – Opening Keynote

Under the Magnifying Glass: Good to Great Presentations!

Location: TBD

Patricia Fripp

Being a powerful, persuasive presenter is no longer simply a nice skill to have for a coach. It can be the difference between business and career life or death. If your audience is one, five, fifty or five hundred you want your message to be memorable for all the right reasons.

Nobody is better than Patricia Fripp at helping you increase your presentation knowledge and impact.

Do not miss our opening general session keynote. We promise it will be entertaining, thought-provoking, and content-rich. You will learn specific techniques that will guarantee that both you and your presentations build credibility and business.

You will understand how to do the following:

  • Take your client conversations and presentations from good to great
  • Add small, specific techniques that impact your message positively
  • Present information in the right order for retention
  • Understand the number one secret of a great speech
  • Dramatize your stories and client examples
  • Add the power of specificity
  • Emotionally connect to every audience

6:30 pm – Opening Networking Reception

Saturday October 21st

7:30 am – Hosted Networking Breakfast

8:00 am – Optional Bonus Sessions

Bonus First-Timers Orientation Session: “How to Get the Most Out of the Conference”

Location: Tallahassee

Jennifer Leake, CMC, IMC USA membership committee. Jennifer Leake attended her first IMC USA Consulting Conference in the late 90’s and was immediately hooked. A long-time conference attendee, she will share her best suggestions for getting the most out of the conference. Jennifer is a master networker who can help you with a blueprint to get the best return on your conference investment.


Bonus Session: “Top Five Publicity Myths, and How to Avoid Them”

Location:  Richmond

Russell Trahan, president of PR/PR Public Relations

Russell Trahan is the Owner and President of PR/PR Public Relations. PR/PR is a full-service boutique publicity agency specializing in professional speakers, consultants, and non-fiction authors. Since its founding in the late 1990’s, PR/PR Public Relations has enjoyed a sterling track record of getting 100% of their clients’ articles placed! Russell is also the author of Sell Yourself Without Saying a Word.  His educational background includes attending the Institute for Organizational Management at Stanford University. Having worked there for six years prior, in 2011 Russell purchased PR/PR Public Relations and continues its fine tradition of positioning clients in front of their target audience through print media and online sources.


8:30 am – General Session

General Session

Location: TBD

“Energize, Educate, and Entertain: Connect With Any Audience Every Time”

 Ed Tate

World champion of public speaking Ed Tate won the coveted Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking, finishing ahead of 175,000 members from 70 countries, in 2000.

As an author, Ed co-wrote Motivational Selling: Advice on selling effectively, staying motivated and being a peak sales producer. He was also a contributor to Stories Trainers Tell (2003, Jossey-Bass Pfeiffer) and The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters (2004, Career Press). Additionally, Ed co-produced the six-CD audio album, Speaking Secrets of the Champions and the four-CD audio album, Connect with Any Audience.


“When Does the Business of Consulting Get Easy?”

Jim Horan, best-selling author of The One-Page Business Plan

The business of consulting is conceptually easy…but most of us make it very difficult, in fact too difficult. So when does the business of consulting get easy? In this session Jim Horan, former Fortune 500 executive and subsequent creator of the revolutionary The One Page Business Plan® will share how he went from a struggling career changer consultant to the owner of an international successful planning and performance management solutions company with over 500 consultants. Attendees will learn at least 50 little and big things that will not only make your consulting life easier…but made your practice more profitable, sustainable and fun!

10:00 am – Networking Coffee Break

10:45 am – Concurrent Sessions

If Your Customers Aren’t Hearing You, Maybe You Aren’t Listening

Location: TBD

Noelle Mykolenko

It’s easy to assume your good advice doesn’t get taken because you weren’t compelling enough, or maybe (if you’re honest about what you’re thinking) because they weren’t smart enough. While either or both may be true, they’re not likely the real reason. The key to getting your advice taken has little to do with the content of your advice, and everything to do with the context of how you listen to others. In this session you’ll learn:

  • The real reason your advice doesn’t get taken
  • How people are influenced
  • The one skill you need to be more influential
Rules & Tools Panel: Meeting the Needs of Clients through Collaboration Using Virtual Connections

Location:  TBD

Panel discussion led by:

Brigadier General Jeff Foley, US Army (retired), President and Chief Encouragement Officer


Dawn Nicole, Chief GrowGetter & Secret Sauce Growth Strategist C.S.M., P.M.P

Angela Kegler, PhD, President, Kegler Group

Adam P. Cherrill, PfMP, President, Cherrill Consulting Group, Inc.


The perpetual needs of clients include efficient, effective, innovative ways to grow their people and their business. The enormous demands on leaders limited time exemplify why taking advantage of the virtual environment is so important. It is important to
recognize that virtual opportunities for collaboration and consultation are not substitutes for face-to- face engagement. They can be powerful techniques when deployed and integrated for the right purpose and at the right time. They can also lead to failure of
providing valued service to a client. In today’s session participants will:

  • Learn some of the most effective tools available to collaborate with other consultants or clients, throughout all phases of a consulting engagement (Contract, Discovery, and Implementation).
  • See best practices for consultants to collaborate in supporting client needs through a case study – example of virtual tools at work:
  • Learn some fundamentals of productivity, building trust, and general guidelines on when to use – and not to use – such tools and techniques

Noon – Hosted Luncheon Speaker

Using Success Stories to Attract Clients

Location: TBD

Michael Hauge

According to actor Will Smith, “No one is better than Michael Hauge at finding what is most authentic in every moment of a story.” Well-told (and well-written) success stories not only create a powerful connection between you and potential clients, they establish your skill and your credibility as a consultant. In this presentation, Hollywood story expert and best-selling author Michael Hauge will give you the six simple steps you must employ to create vivid, emotionally gripping stories that will transform your audiences and readers, move them to action, and ultimately increase your client list and your revenue.

1:45 pm – Concurrent Sessions

Making our New Reason for Being Real

Location: Tallahassee

In this roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-to-work session, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the RFB and the Idea-to-Done process that will help the RFB come to life. We’ll spend 15 minutes on those, then start outlining the initiatives that matter most to attendees.

Mike Wittenstein, CMC/CSP, helped develop our new Reason for Being with the help of almost 100 members. He’s excited to see where it will lead IMC next. Mike’s firm, StoryMiners, established in 2002, specializes in story, experience design, and strategy.

You Are the Star: Take Your Good Presentations and Make Them Great

Location: TBD

Patricia Fripp

Opening keynoter Patricia Fripp offers her legendary razor-sharp “mini-coaching. Both “coaches” and audience members see the principles from her keynote in action in your presentations. In this completely interactive session willing volunteers deliver a segment of their content, story or sales conversations. As a consultant you realize this is one of best ways to demonstrate your advice. We promise if you attend this breakout you will improve your communication skills and consulting impact.

3:00 pm – Concurrent Sessions

Get Yes! To Your Request

Location:  TBD

Ed Tate

Forty percent of a consultant’s time at work is engaged in persuading, convincing and influencing. In a recent workplace study (“What Do You Do at Work?”) by Qualtrics, people are devoting 24 minutes of every hour to moving people. Consultants consider this aspect of their work critical to their professional success. While there are thousands of tactics that consultants and professionals use to influence, the majority fall into six basic categories.

By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Persuade people to get a Yes to their every request
  • Immediately apply a 6-Step Influence Model
  • Discover the benefits of using their influence first and their power last.
  • Increase their health, wealth and happiness by reducing the frustrations associated with influencing. Add proven tips, tools and tactics to their influence tool kit
  • Discover the six most common mistakes when attempting to influence others

Attendees will have lots of fun in this interactive session led by Saturday morning keynoter Ed Tate.


Your Hidden Game: 10 Invisible Agreements That Can Transform Your Consulting

Location: TBD

Sharon Rich, Founder and CEO of Think Business Growth

Ever wonder what keeps clients from taking your expert advice? What is it that makes them act against their own best interests?

It’s their hidden game. Every business has one. Every person has one. The rules of the hidden game are set by groupthink, history, fear, and habit. When we are not aware of the rules, the game plays us.

As consultants we are in the perfect position to spot the hidden game our clients are playing that blocks their ability to fully realize their desired outcomes.

Join Sharon Rich — CEO of Think Business Growth, Inc. and author of the upcoming book Your Hidden Game: 10 Invisible Agreements That Can Make or Break your Business — for an interactive session about transforming client results by making the most critical invisible agreements visible and intentional.


CMC Primer Workshop

Location:  TBD


6:00 pm – Networking Reception and Awards Gala 

“Recalculating – The GPS Girl in Concert”

Karen Jacobsen. At the age of seven in small town Australia, Karen Jacobsen saw Olivia Newton-John on television and knew what she wanted to do with her life. She wanted to become a professional singer and move to America. Today, Karen speaks, sings and motivates people on stage, on screen and in the recording studio. Aussie born and New York based, Karen’s speaking voice is in over 400 million GPS units and smartphones worldwide giving directions. From this one voice-over booking she created her empowerment brand “The GPS Girl”, teaching the five directions for “recalculating” in business and life. An award-winning Singer and Songwriter, Karen’s musical career highlights include: sharing the bill with Norah Jones, Neil Sedaka and Christopher Cross and singing the national anthem at major sporting events including 80, 000 people at Giants Stadium for the New York Jets.

Sunday October 22nd

7:30 am – Meet the Experts Networking Breakfast

8:30 am – General Session 

Stop Global Boring

Location: TBD

Consultants who can effectively communicate and connect with clients and prospects are far more successful than those who don’t. Kathy McAfee will show you how to increase your value to clients and grow your practice by mastering the arts of high-engagement presentations and networking that builds lasting relationships.

Kathy McAfee, author of the book Stop Global Boring,  is America’s Marketing Motivator, a professional speaker and executive presentation coach. She has helped thousands of corporate leaders and consultants to grow business success by mastering the arts of high-engagement presentations and effective networking. Kathy is a  graduate of Stanford University, a published author and an award-winning blogger.

9:30 am – Closing Keynote 

Recalculating – The GPS Girl’s Guide to Getting More of What You Want

Location: Salon II, IV,VI

Karen Jacobsen, The GPS Girl

A TEDx speaker, Karen has enjoyed wide media coverage including the NBC Today Show, ABC World News Tonight, the CBS Early Show, The New York Times, NY Daily News, Glamour magazine, and being named one of People Magazine’s Most Intriguing People. She hosts her own web series “Navigating New York with The GPS Girl®”. Karen’s voice is in demand in the studio as a Voice-Over artist recording customized voice systems and advertising campaigns, and live as an entertainer and speaker for Corporate events around the globe. As an Author, Karen’s journal book “The GPS Girl’s Road Map for Your Future” gives direction for getting more of what you want in business and life. Find more focus, direction, confidence, and control as you enjoy using your internal GPS on a daily basis to get what you want.

10:45 am – Concurrent Sessions 

Tech Talk: The Seven Most Important Things Consultants Should Know About Cyber Security

Location:  TBD

Philip de Souza is the founder and president of Aurora (aurorait.com), a California based consulting firm specializing in cyber security and compliance. In addition to setting the vision for Aurora’s technology and service offerings, de Souza spearheads the company’s growth and business development initiatives to strategically position Aurora as a unique and trusted advisor to its clients globally. Founded in 1990, Aurora serves medium and large enterprise clients. de Souza is also the founder of SecurePATH™ (securepathinc.com), a data encryption and regulatory compliance software company.

Turning Client Connection Killers Into Connection Thrillers

Location: TBD

Alan Cohen

Your current clients are your best asset. If you treat them well, provide good customer service and powerfully connect with them, they’re likely to thank you many times over. Happy clients help you grow your business by leaps and bounds. In order to maximize client relationships, it’s important that you learn how to avoid those connection-killing behaviors that get in the way of delivering superior client service and your peace of mind.

In this presentation, attendees will learn to recognize the very moment before a client relationship goes south, in order to course correct.

This concurrent session will explore:

  • The 10 most important things that you can do to turn your client into a raving fan
  • The most typical behaviors that can ruin a client relationship, and how to avoid making these errors
  • How to deal with your clients’ connection killing behaviors, in order to create a more satisfying (and less stressful) relationship

Noon – Adjourn

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