Watch this free video for a sneak preview of world-champion speaker Ed Tate, one of IMC USA’s keynoters for the 2017 IMC USA Consulting Conference in Atlanta, Georgia on October 20-22. Ed shares the 6 Step Influence Model and the key qualities a persuasive consultant must have to increase their influence abilities. In addition to his Saturday Keynote speech, “Energize, Educate, and Entertain: Connect With Any Audience Every Time,” Ed will do an interactive breakout session called “Get Yes! to Your Request” Saturday afternoon.

Viewer Tips: Watch the whole video for great storytelling and Ed’s takeaways for increasing influence. At around minute 24, Ed provides the “Six Weapons of Influence” based on persuasion expert Robert Cialdini’s work, and, at around minute 40, he goes over the 6 Steps of the influence model.