Consult-Con Leadership Summit

Consult-Con Leadership Summit

Insights, Opportunities, & Challenges


Friday, October 5, 2018

8:00 AM – 12:00 PM
All IMC USA Members & Conference Attendees are Welcome

Location: Rio Vista E – H

Breakfast Served 8:00 AM – 8:30 AM


Session I: Insights 8:45 AM – 9:30 AM

Session II: Opportunities 9:30 AM – 10:15 AM

Session III: Challenges 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM


The world is constantly in a rapid state of change. We are constantly finding better ways to grow or operate our businesses. Our clients are always striving to find better ways themselves. One of the primary reasons they hire us is to accelerate their discovery and implementation of products, markets, and processes…or find ways to improve.

This year’s Leadership Summit is open to all members and conference attendees. Members become member leaders and from the member-leader community come our public leaders who help us grow. Our goal for this conference is to grow the number of member-leaders so we have strong talent to lead. Having a strong community of member leaders creates an organization of client leaders creating highly differentiated value for our clients.

When there is an opportunity to congregate a group of geographical, functional, and socially diverse leaders we have an opportunity to “Find a better way” for our peers and ourselves. We have that opportunity in San Diego. This year we will organize the Leadership Conference into a set of 3 meetings: Insights (45 Minutes), Opportunities (45 Minutes), & Challenges (1 hour 45 minutes). Professionally, we all begin an engagement with a significant level of inquiry. This congregation is one of inquiry, with a challenge to improve IMC for its members, prospective members, and Clients.

Insights: Share What We See, See What We Share

Insights give us vision into what our clients are thinking, what they see and ultimately what they want. During the first session (45 minutes) the collective group should identify 3-4 categories of insights to focus on. Divide the room into groups, appoint a scribe, and start the collaboration. After 15-20 minutes of brainstorming, reconvene as one group and share you findings.

Opportunities: New Horizons For Chapters

The second session (45 minutes) will focus on defining some opportunities that various collectives (chapters or special interest groups) can form into programs, maybe even businesses or ideally become client lead projects generating revenue for the actively engaged.

Challenges: Our Future, The Next Year, Helping Our Chapters

Our final hour and a half will address our challenges. These are the things we see keeping us from growing as an association, a chapter, and as professionals.

One of the challenges the CPC sees is that we have not done a good job of segmenting potential members. The new member is the easiest to engage but quickly seeks value. When we don’t deliver clear value they walk out the door. The senior executive, with 30 years of experience, has a very high opinion of their skill set. They do not feel they need what the new consultant needs. They also learn differently. Think seminar-learning environments. Ideally they should be strong associative thinkers, making it easy to transfer skills and ideas across departments or industries. Highly skilled and senior MCs operate at intersections of businesses or industries. Newbies need to build experience within functions to acquire the knowledge to become cross-functional.

Other challenges include how to build communities, how to properly network…remember membership is an outcome. Member-leaders emerge from members who want to give something back. Our public leadership in chapters and on the National Board emerges from community of member leaders. Thank you for coming and committing to being a member-leader!

Leadership Summit attendees not registered for the conference will incur a $35.00 charge for breakfast collected during the summit.

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I always take away a number of actionable nuggets from each IMC USA Conference. Considering the awesome selection of presenters at the 2018 IMC USA Conference, I expect it will be a virtual gold mine of actionable ideas.

Don Matheson

Chair & CEO, Institute of Management Consultants

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